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    • No refund can be given to the following:
      • Guests who decide not to dive or snorkel due to personal reasons
      • Divers who cannot show their proof of certification or refresher course
      • Divers who cannot equalise
      • Guests who cannot be taken on the boat due to safety restrictions (pregnant women/non-swimmers/children under 10)
      • Guests who do not arrive on time at the specified meeting point
    • For cancellations made with more than 24 hours notice we will charge 10% of the prepaid amount.
    • Cancellations made within less than 24 hours will be charged at full rate (including no shows in the morning).
    • Bad weather in the morning, unless it makes the trip unsafe, is not a reason to cancel the trip.
    • Cancelled dives on the boat will be fully charged (including Discover Scuba Dives)
    • If a student decides not to finish the Discover Scuba Diving experience in the ocean, the pool training is $55 per person.

Rescheduling of dives during courses

  • Courses taken longer than our schedule will be charged the extra days.
  • If the course days have to be rescheduled because the minimum requirement of theory training hasn’t been reached, the days will be charged extra.
  • Rescheduling cannot be guaranteed and is depending on the availability of an instructor and space on the boat.
  • Courses that cannot be completed will be charged for the training that has been done and a referral form will be issued.