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Stone Town

Dive Sites

Scuba diving and snorkelling with One Ocean Stone Town reflects the vibrant, busy hustle and bustle you find in the small streets of Stone Town.

Here, coral grows in huge amounts: coral-gardens, long plunging walls, underwater mountains and wrecks interchange with each other, forming a haven for the many different kind of fish who live here.

The big variety of both soft and hard corals makes any scuba dive in the Stone Town area a feast. Stag-horn, table, whip and brain coral as well as barrel sponges and giant sea fans, which wave lazily in the current, can all be found in great quantities.

Many sea-urchins and starfish litter the sandy bottom, giving the impression of a colourful minefield. Clear blue waters and a white sandy bottom complete the picture.

The coral reefs around Stone Town are full of critter life. Macro-lovers with keen eyes (which our guides are) may find seahorses, cuttle-fish, leaf fish, frog fish, ghost-pipefish and many different kind of shrimp

Stone Town dive sites

Bawe Reef

Level: beginner-intermediate
Depth: 5-18 m

The island Bawe just off the coast of Stone Town, is our go-to reef. We have 3 dive sites around the island. One is on the North side and is a continuous coral wall teeming with life. Cuttle-fish, moray eels and seahorses hide between the many blue sponges, while rainbow runners and longfin batfish cruise by in the blue. Blue spotted stingrays and torpedo rays litter the sandy bottom. On the South side, a long shallow reef stretches the whole side of the island, ideal for snorkellers and beginner divers. Deeper big coral bommies, which are home to some massive Titan trigger fish, interchange with sandy patches on which huge barrel sponges grow. Stingrays, king fish and thornback box fish can all be found here but the stars of the show are definitely the turtles who live here. Both Green and Hawksbill turtles can regularly be seen here.

Bawe island coral wall
School of fish Stone Town

Pange Reef

Level: beginner-intermediate
Depth: 5-22 m

This is one of our absolute favourite dive sites. On a gently sloping bottom, between beautiful coral formations and big fans, moray eels, lion fish and rays can be spotted. Angel fish, crocodile fish, octopuses, nudibranchs etc. liven the place up.

This is also our favourite night dive spot. At night the corals transform and the most amazing critter life wakes up. Hundreds of shrimps, crabs and eels come out to hunt, while squids flash their brilliant colours in the dark waters.


Level: beginner-intermediate
Depth: 5-24 m

Aquarium is a gentle sloping coral wall, ranging in depth from 10 to 24 m. On the reef you can see gobies, trumpet fish, lion fish and also lobsters lazily waving their antennas. In the blue, silver sweetlips, large schools of fusiliers and bigmouth mackerels can be found.

Lionfish at Mnemba
Indian walkman Mnemba

Two Stones

Level: beginner-intermediate
Depth: 5-24 m

This dive site, close to the Pange sand bank, is a great place to find every member of the scorpionfish family. We have seen bearded and devil scorpionfish, stone fish as well as many different kinds of lionfish. These two undersea mountains channel the water so there is always some current running which makes it a perfect spot for drift dives. Look for titan trigger fish, blue spotted stingrays and the elusive whip coral shrimp. Some days Two Stones gets visited by huge schools of jacks and anchovies. Great fun!


Level: beginner-intermediate
Depth: 10-16 m

Pinnacles boasts the incredible coral topography that has made Stone Town’s diving famous. Ranging from 10 to 16 m, its pillars, overhangs and arches were built to impress! It’s home to a fantastic variety of coral reef fish like dusky sweepers, fusiliers and network pipefish. Turtles, guitar fish and many different kinds of nudibranchs can be found on a lucky day.

Coral pinnacle


Dive Sites

wreck diving stone town

The Great Northern

Level: beginner
Depth: 4-12 m

A British cable-laying ship, The Great Northern was built in 1870 and sank on New Year’s Eve in 1902. She now rests in the sand between 4 and 12 m and is a magnificent artificial reef. The shallow depth means even snorkellers and beginner divers can experience the beauty of this wreck. Macro-lovers will enjoy the many species of shrimps and pipefish. The coral surrounding The Great Northern is some of the best in Zanzibar and will impress anyone. Just watch out for the anemone fish, who fiercely defend their homes.

The Royal Navy Lighter

Level: advanced
Depth: 30 m

It is a purposely sunk ship that lays just off Bawe Island and is covered in whip corals and surrounded by big schools of snappers. Due to its depth, it is a great spot for experienced divers and Advanced Open Water students.

deep wreck diving stone town