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About Us

The Zanzibar Dive Centre, One Ocean is the oldest and most reputable dive operation in Tanzania.

Since 1993, thousands of tourists have been delighted by the snorkelling, scuba diving and scuba diving courses provided by our outstanding team.

One Ocean Zanzibar operates from Kendwa (North-West coast), Matemwe (North-East coast) and Stone Town (West coast) in cooperation with some of the best resorts and beach lodges on the island.


As a 5 star padi dive centre One Ocean follows all PADI Standards

Equipped boats 

All One Ocean boats are equipped with mobile phones, life jackets, snorkel vests, safety rings, first aid kits, emergency oxygen units and two engines.

PADI Professionals

Dives are always led by PADI certified Divemasters or PADI certified Instructors, while our snorkellers are accompanied in the water with at least one of our highly trained and experienced snorkel guides.

Our dive groups are limited to a maximum of 6 people per dive leader unless there are specific situations where this number needs to be reduced.

Action Plan

We work with an emergency action plan  for all our centres and all One Ocean staff are trained in Emergency First Response CPR, First Aid and as Oxygen providers with refresher training being held every 6 months to keep them up to date with any changes to official procedures and techniques.

DAN Partnership

Being a DAN Safety Partner means that in a diving medical emergency, all our staff are 100% ready and fully equipped to handle the situation.

Dive Insurance

We highly recommend that you have diving insurance – if you do not have specific dive insurance, please check

DAN’s temporary memberships that could cover your activity during your holidays.

Forecast check

We consult Wind Guru/Buoy Weather/Windfinder/Wisuki every day before planning our boat trips and dives.

Hyperbaric Chamber

A DAN (Divers Alert Network) managed hyperbaric chamber is available and located on the north east coast of the island. This is the only hyperbaric chamber in Tanzania and it continues to be able to operate thanks to the help of One Ocean and other dive centres across Zanzibar.

As a further commitment to diving safety, several of our staff members have been trained as hyperbaric chamber operators and assistants to help with any diving incidents that occur in Zanzibar.



Our extensive selection of equipment consists of

Regulators ScubaPro Mk2/R190
BCDs ScubaPro T-One
FINS-FuLL foot ScubaPro Go
WETSUITS Reef 5mm long or short
MASKS ScubaPro and Reef
10 L Tanks Aluminium Tanks
12 L Tanks Aluminium Tanks
Compressor BAUER

Social Ethic


At One Ocean we have a strong belief in investing in our staff. Through extra training we are willing to support their development in a range of areas for them to acquire additional skills and qualifications.


Here at One Ocean we regularly engage with Zanzibar's charities and NGOs and help with fundraising for their projects. For example, we run regular charity dive days where any profits are donated to Zanzibar's projects to help with community support.

We are currently involved in working with a local institute, Prospective Learning and Charitable Institute (PLCI), to select and train a graduate of this programme up to PADI Divemaster level, to enable them to gain valuable skills and employment within the tourism sector.

We also strive to directly support Zanzibar's industry by using locally made hand-made boats, called dhows, for our operations whenever possible.


ct-stamp_smartWe pride ourselves on being a responsible and environmentally friendly dive operation. We are now extremely proud to announce our partnership with Carbon Tanzania with aim of offsetting both our own and our customers’ carbon footprint. One Ocean will be contributing to this great cause and we will ask our customers to donate a minimum of $1 to help offset their emissions. The need to take action against climate change has never been more urgent and we as a dive centre believe in playing our part.

For more information on the great work being done visit our partner Carbon Tanzania.

Donkey dives

ZAASO (Zanzibar Animals Affection Society) started as and still is a donkey sanctuary. We’re happy to help the one and only NGO supporting animals on the island. Every now and then One Ocean organises “Donkey Dives”, when we take a trip out where all the profit goes straight to ZAASO.

Meet the Team

The Pioneers

One Ocean Diving Staff Rashid Right Hand


Right Hand Man

One Ocean Staff Waziri Boat Crew


Boat Crew

One Ocean Diving Staff Abu Boat Builder, Mechanic & Captain, Pioneer


Boat Builder & Captain

One Ocean Staff Chief Assistant Instructor


Assistant PADI Instructor

Those who stay dry

One Ocean Diving Staff Margareth Matemwe Office Manager


Office Manager Matemwe

One Ocean Hekima Stone Town Manager & Divemaster


Office Manager Stone Town

One Ocean Diving Staff Sostenes Ocean Paradise Office Manager


Office Manager Ocean Paradise

Office Manager Gideon


Office Manager Bluebay

One Ocean Diving Staff Mathew Scuba Pro Gear Technician


Scubapro Gear Technician

Those who get wet

One Ocean Diving Staff Hassan Dive Master


Dive Master

One Ocean Diving Staff Othmen / Leisure Boy Dive Master & Musician


Dive Master & Musician

One Ocean Staff Cheti Dive master


Dive Master

One Ocean Diving Staff Silima Snorkel Guide


Snorkel Guide

One Ocean Staff Rashid Instructor


PADI Instructor

One Ocean Diving Staff Juma Dive Master, Driver, Office Assistant


Dive Master, Driver & Office Assistant

One Ocean Diving Staff Amani Dive Master


Dive Master

One Ocean Diving Staff Hagi Boat Captain


Boat Captain

One Ocean Diving Staff Seif Snorkel Guide


Snorkel Guide

Boko Dive Instructor


PADI Instructor

One Ocean Diving Staff Khamis Boat Captain


Boat Captain

One Ocean Staff Foum Snorkeling Guide


Snorkel Guide

Our entire crew is well trained, licensed and experienced with the surrounding ocean and reefs.

All scuba dive staff are are members of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).