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Zanzibar Snorkeling

Discover the beautiful marine life around Zanzibar Island

Snorkeling Zanzibar: What would a trip to Tanzania and vacation on Zanzibar Island be without snorkeling the beauty of the reefs and underwater world of the Indian Ocean? Although it is not everyone's cup of tea to dive deep and breathe air from a tank, there is the opportunity to see almost as many stunning fish and the most beautiful corals from the surface.

We at One Ocean Diving Zanzibar offer you as a beginner or experienced snorkeler the same underwater safari service as our divers. Good quality and well maintained equipment and professionally trained and equipped snorkeling guides will prepare you for an enjoyable day on the sea around the island of Zanzibar.

snorkeling in zanzibar reef

What to expect while Snorkeling around Zanzibar Island

Almost anyone can snorkel - if you can swim, you can snorkel. Not a good swimmer? That's no problem. Snorkeling is all about mainly letting yourself glide and moving slowly with the life of the underwater world. Enjoy its fish and coral. Your fins will propel you forward, your wetsuit will give you buoyancy, and a life preserver you carry with you can always be used for extra support in the ocean. Your guide will assist you. So don't miss this wonderful day, onboard a boat on the Indian Ocean along the white beaches of Zanzibar Island.

Reef with school fish

The moment when you first put your face in the water will always remain in your memory: a fascinating, colorful, peaceful underwater world will amaze you! It's hard to believe how beautiful it is while snorkeling, floating above the beautiful coral gardens of the sea, watching schools of fish and being impressed by the many colors and patterns. Beautiful and colorful parrotfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, clownfish in their anemones, schools of shy and hidden seahorses in the coral, the cute yet ugly frogfish, eels and rays. If you are one of the lucky snorkelers, your guide will show you a turtle, an octopus and dolphins at the reef. Enjoy the sea safaris, the reefs and its fish.

It is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of the blue waters of the Indian Ocean in a safe and professional environment. Together with our One Ocean Diving Zanzibar team you will explore and discover the secrets of the reef along the coast and the best beaches of Zanzibar Island in Tanzania!

Snorkel Spots in Stone Town & Mnemba Island

Stone Town

Stone Town is the untouched, insider tip and hidden treasure! We are the only diving school operating here and thus enjoy the privilege of still being the only divers and snorkelers on most reefs. Stone Town impresses with its colorful healthy corals and countless reef fish swimming undisturbed in the ocean and sunken wrecks an easy boat ride from the shore. The calm seas are ideal for those on the surface. For you snorkelers; Stone Town is a reef dream with great beaches!

Fire fish in Zanzibar

Mnemba Island

Snorkelling with dolphins

On the east coast, we take our snorkelers to Mnemba Atoll, where divers also do their dives. Here the coral may not be as spectacular as in Stone Town, but you won't be disappointed – the visibility is amazing and the vibrant underwater world is home to a stunning array of reef fish and their large underwater giants. Dolphins often cavort curiously close to the boats, which, if you're lucky, gives you the opportunity to swim close to them. Like all sea creatures, we treat the friendly dolphins with respect and dignity and will not chase or harass them.

"We are all in the same boat"

Divers and snorkelers share the same boats. This allows snorkelers to spend a day together with their diving partners on the sea off Zanzibar Island and Mnemba Island. As for our divers, there is a wide choice of snorkeling sites for our snorkelers. Both the dive sites of Stone Town and Mnemba Atoll offer fascinating snorkeling experiences in Zanzibar Island. With us, snorkelers and divers get the same service and the chance to enjoy an underwater experience together - that's why "we are all in the same boat".

Get with the snorkeling programme on Zanzibar Island

Scnorkeller ready to go

From the East Coast to Mmemba Atoll we go snorkeling and diving in the morning, our friendly divers will collect you from your hotel (select locations only) and bring you back after the tour. We leave the centre at 8:30 and usually return by 13:00. During these hours you will snorkel twice for about 45 minutes with your guide and discover the great underwater world. Inbetween, the One Ocean Diving Zanzibar team will serve local vegan snacks and fresh tropical fruits. Drinking water is available on board at all times.

In between enjoying your time on the boat, you'll have plenty of time to observe the long white beach along the coast of Zanzibar and the endless ocean on the other side. The warm sun on your skin, the light sea breeze and amusing conversations with other guests create the perfect vacation feeling. Enjoy your snorkel safari and snorkel along the reef to see turtles, rays or even dolphins. Sharks are rare, so don’t worry about spotting this shy fish while snorkelling.

From Stone Town the schedule is a little different. We do not offer hotel transfers as most hotels are a short and pleasant walk to the dive centre. We meet at 8:30 and are usually back around 13:30. Again we snorkel 2 different sites for about 45 minutes and share delicious snacks and adventure stories between the crew and customers.

After your Stone Town boat tour we recommend you enjoy another trip with us –  or go exploring the small alleys of destination Stone Town with it's beautiful old buildings and interesting history of the Zanzibar.

Good to know...

Snorkeling with contact lenses?

No problem at all! You can also go snorkeling as a contact lens wearer without any problems. The mask will protect your eyes from salty water. However, if you prefer a mask with prescription, we have them for our customers to rent. All part of the unique One Ocean experience in Tanzania, Africa. Let us know how we can help you.
All equipment is included in the price (mask, large fins, snorkel and long or short wetsuit). If you need an additional snorkel vest, these are available at all our dive centers in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Be well equipped for your snorkel trip with One Ocean Diving Zanzibar!

Can I take my kids on board?

As our boat trips on Zanzibar Island in Tanzania last 4.5 to 5 hours, they are not ideal for small children, this is the reason why the minimum is 10 years of age. However, if conditions are suitable, we are happy to take younger kids (not younger than 7) and their families on a private snorkeling boat (additional fees apply, subjected to availability). If your children are 16 or older, they are allowed on our snorkeling and diving trips unaccompanied. We will take good care of them!

Sunburn? Not for me…

All snorkelers should be aware of the risk of sunburn. The alluring sun is especially treacherous on the water, so we recommend a wetsuit while snorkeling. For the open areas, turtles and marine life in general are happy, if you are using reef-friendly sunscreen. Regular sunscreens and lotions are unfortunately very harmful to coral and marine life in the ocean. A refillable water bottle also avoids unnecessary plastic bottle consumption. Learn more about eco-friendly travel behavior in our blog.
Let's protect our oceans so that we can admire them in the future!

You have more questions about your travel, snorkeling, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania or Africa? Check out our FAQ guide or send us a personal message!

What else can I do besides snorkeling on the Zanzibar Island?

If you are in Stone Town, you either have time to explore the narrow streets and old slave history in Stone Town and shop for souvenirs, or come with us on an afternoon trip. We offer tours to Prison Island and snorkeling at the reef off Bawe Island. End the day by sailing slowly in the Indian Ocean at sunset between the islands and the coast of Stone Town with our Sunset Cruise. Enjoy a cocktail while being on the traditional Dhow boat towards the beach of Stone Town right before the sun goes down.
On beaches in Matemwe off Mnemba Island you can end the evening with live music and the sea in the background or in cozy beach bars.
Chat to us for our favourite recommendations!

Dhow on a sunset cruise

Ready to discover a new world on Zanzibar?

Come on board, snorkel with us on the Zanzibar island and be astonished!

We are happy to take you onboard the turquoise seas of Zanzibar Island. Prepare yourself for exciting travel, snorkeling, fun time on the boat and many good memories that will stay with you forever. Book your snorkeling trip on destination Zanzibar Island by contacting us personally! Enjoy your travel!