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scubapro go fins

New fins arrived – GO diving, GO snorkelling!

Choosing the right fins plays an important role when scuba diving and snorkelling as

they are the part of the equipment that helps with propulsion at the surface and

underwater. Proper fit and comfort are vital as well as other considerations like material,

blade size and shape or weight, for the divers that travel with their own equipment.

Currently being the only dive centre in Zanzibar, we are happy to have our divers and

snorkellers using the brand new Scubapro GO fins.

They are open-heel fins, designed to be worn barefoot with a super soft and

comfortable foot pocket. They can also be worn with socks for those who are looking for

that little extra protection. As they have a bungee heel strap, they are very easy to put

on and take off and a diver can wear multiple sizes so they can choose the most

comfortable one.

The fins are made of 100% Monprene® which makes them nearly indestructible and the

special design allows for speed, comfort, power and maneuverability in every fin kick

with only little effort.

On top of that, they are easy to store and the bungee straps come in different colours

for the different sizes. The Scubapro GO fins are also the best choice of fins to travel

with, as they are lightweight and can even fit into carry-on baggage.

GO diving and GO snorkelling with us to try them yourselves.

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