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Donkey dive - animals in need

Donkey dive – Helping Zanzibar’s animals in need

Everywhere you go, you will find one of these small but strong associations trying to make

a difference. ZAASO is a community-based registered non-profit organisation that rescues,

adopts and provides shelter, foster care, medical treatment and valuable services to

animals in need.

ZAASO is not only fostering stray dogs and mistreated donkeys, they are keeping all our

pets healthy around the island. That’s right! Without them, all our beautiful dogs and cats

would be sick and suffering since finding vets on the island is nearly impossible and when

you do find one, well...

These people start working at 6:00 am and finish around midnight EVERY DAY. Their

passion gives them the energy to keep going forever, and thank god for them, because

they really are making a difference around here. How great are these people!

We cannot all give our time, our job and even our nationality (as the beloved founder did)

to help, but you can donate, you can help them treat our hairy friends.

We know that these days it feels like everyone around you is asking for money, and that

you can never be sure the money goes in the right hands. Well, think again, any small

contribution will go straight to the animals in need and we can guarantee you

that your money will go a long way.

If you still need any convincing you should visit the “donkey sanctuary” to see how magical

and special this organisation is. They welcome volunteers from all over the world who

come to spend their days doing magic all over Zanzibar, going along and assisting the in-

house veterinarians. Unfortunately, there is a real lack of awareness among people in

Zanzibar towards animal rights, and any aid to deal with mistreated and abandoned

animals is really appreciated.

Dive for animals in need

And we, One Ocean, want to do our part. We care, we are animal lovers and we are

happy and proud to organise our famous “Donkey Dives” and help ZAASO however

we can. Donkey dives are special days when all profits from diving and snorkelling

are given to ZAASO. So as well as giving to charity, treat yourself to a great day at sea,

under the sun, visit some fish friends and help our hairy friends in need. It is the perfect


Visit our facebook page to check our album on our last Donkey Dive! It was a lovely

Saturday, July the 2nd in Stone Town and it was grand! A lovely bunch joined us for diving and

snorkelling, it was nice and sunny and legen... wait for it... dary! Oh yes... over TZS

700,000 were raised in one day for this amazing association, we couldn’t be happier and

we cannot wait for the next one.

So if you are a resident living on this great rock, or simply a passing tourist, join us next

time we’re taking the plunge for ZAASO!

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