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What is the purpose of (your) life?

This blog will take a little detour from diving per se and go a little bit deeper spiritually – consider it a 3-minute safety stop for your personal development…

I am an extremely fortunate person on many fronts: I was fortunate to have been born in Australia, a country which is full of opportunities, rights & freedoms to simply start with.

Apart from that I have also been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to work with the Ocean Ocean Dive Centre in its Stone Town base for 2 seasons now. This opportunity, the trust and responsibility that goes with it has allowed me to pursue my love of diving and to ingrain myself with the local staff and the local community as a whole – the latter is an experience money can’t buy.

Esubi Kids Uganda

I have also been fortunate enough to become involved with the Esubi Kids. Esubi Kids is an NGO in the small village of Kyabirwa in the landlocked East African country of Uganda. It is an orphanage, a pre & primary school plus a women’s & community empowerment group all rolled into one.

Whilst I have been unofficially a part of the Esubi Kids family since 2017, in official terms I hold the title of Director. The title that I value most though is that of ‘Taata’ (Father in Lugandan) which is what the 18 kids of the orphanage call me.

I think if you asked any passionate diver whether they would like to dive for free, the answer would be YES. This is exactly why I decided to donate 100% of my earnings from and on behalf of the One Ocean Dive Centre team to the Esubi Kids NGO in the form of a donation. We used this to purchase land to build a well-needed new orphanage – the land and a new home will mean a lot more to the Esubi Kids than the money will to me in my pocket as you will see from their thankyou video

Esubi Kids Video

The heading of this blog asks the question ‘What is the purpose of (your) life?’ For me, the answer is ‘A life of purpose is the purpose of life’……

Find your purpose, follow your dreams, pursue what you value and believe in, realise your potential and you will find happiness.

Sonny Lindner

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