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a heart made of flowers on the beach during honeymoon

Honeymoon guide to Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a popular destination for honeymooners, and it’s not very surprising. The island’s tranquil beaches, little developed villages and beautiful sunsets make for an ideal romantic getaway. If you recently got hitched and you are planning your perfect honeymoon, those 6 activities should go on your list:

Candlelight dinner on the beach

Known as “Spice Island”, Zanzibar already offers a great selection of delicious food – but it gets even better if you can enjoy your meal right on the beach.
Many hotels and restaurant offer this special dinner option for honeymooners (and anyone else who is up for it). Overlook the Indian Ocean, listen to the waves, feel the sand between your toes... and enjoy your meal!

Sunset cruise

What is more romantic than watching the sunset together? Maybe enjoying a nice glass of wine on a traditional wooden dhow, while sailing into the sunset! Feel the wind in the sails, listen to the sounds of the ocean and get carried away by the beauty of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean.

Couple Massage

Escape the daily grind with a relaxing massage – and what better way to enjoy this than together with the person you love. Many spas will offer couple massages, some even at a discounted rate or as part of a “Honeymoon Special”. They are so good, you will want to go for a massage every day of your stay!

The Rock restaurant

Located in the village of Michamvi, this is the most famous restaurant in Zanzibar thanks to its unique setting: As its name suggests, the restaurant sits on top of a rock in the Indian Ocean. Depending on the tide, you have to catch a little boat to get there or you can just walk through the lagoon. The restaurant is pretty small and immensely popular, so please make sure you have a reservation before you go.

Honeymoon Star gazing

Zanzibar’s sparsely populated areas make for some great stargazing opportunities! Without much light pollution (unlike in the busy rest of the world) you will be surprised how many stars you can see, including the milky way.
How about you and your partner take a stroll along the beach at night, with thousands of stars shining down on you.

Take a scuba diving course

Explore the underwater world with your significant other! Scuba diving is based on the "buddy principle" and who could be better to rely on than the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Choose one of our PADI courses or book the Open Water course directly.

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