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Buoyancy control – be a better diver

We all want to be one of those divers who can hover perfectly still over the reef and glide effortlessly through the water. I remember, on one of my first dives, noticing my instructor’s perfect buoyancy and wanting to know his secret.
The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty reveals all the tips and tricks to get your buoyancy under control. This is not just for newbie divers, anyone can benefit from fine-tuning their buoyancy.
By improving our dive skills, we use less energy and less air. We also get a closer look at beautiful macro life while preserving natural beauty. Lastly, we also just look cooler!

What will you learn?

This specialty course consists of two open water dives with an instructor. You will do exercises and learn skills underwater, and maybe some fun games.
The goal is to improve your fin kicks (do you know how to swim backwards?) and your trim, reduce the amount of weights you need and lower your air consumption.
Your PPB manual will explain all the theory behind it and also other useful information: How to calculate how much weight you need and how to streamline.
The better your buoyancy, the more fun you have on your dives. Book your PPB Specialty course and become the perfectly controlled diver you’ve wanted to be.

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