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International Year Of the Reef 2018

Fact: The world's coral reefs are under threat.
Question: What is threatening the reefs?
Answer: Human activities and changes in the natural environment cause an accumulation of stresses to the coral reefs.

The facts are clear! Unfortunately human impact has had devastating effects on the oeans. Therefore let us all strive to less impact in the oceans.

Fact: The year 2018 is the 3rd International Year of the Reef, IYOR2018.
Question: What initiatives are being pursued in Zanzibar for IYOR2018?
Answer: Lately, scientists and divers established the Zanzibar Reef Monitoring Network!

This network recently held a workshop in association with Marinecultures, Chumbe Island Coral Park and ZURI with the goal of enabling customised coral reef monitoring protocols for our reefs.
Along with changing our habits on land we can all participate in reef monitoring by snorkelling and diving.
Everyone can make a difference. When you visit us, ask us about our reef checks and if you can participate in one. Come join us on our trips and let us teach you how to observe the magic of the underwater world.

Question: What is the aim of the Zanzibar Reef Monitoring Network + participating in reef checks?
Answer: The Zanzibar Reef Monitoring Network are CORDIO’s eyes in Zanzibar as all the data collected will be analyzed by CORDIO’s scientists and will support CORDIO’s Theory of Change.

At One Ocean we firmly believe in educating not only our staff, but also our guests on the importance of protecting our coral reefs and the awareness of our own impact.

Let's all be the change we want to see.

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