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own fins

Get your scuba kit, part 1: Own fins

When I first bought my own scuba equipment, I remember being very excited!
As soon as you start to buy your own equipment you will want to dive more often. It is also an easy way to improve your experience underwater: Everything fits you better, you will be more comfortable diving with it, which means you will enjoy diving more.
One of the first part of scuba equipment we buy are own fins. Why? They are an essential piece our diving kit. Without them, we are going nowhere!
Fins are designed to move you and your gear through the water with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. The correct pair of fins can improve buoyancy and air consumption. Even though rental fins, like our ScubaPro Go fins can be great, having your own fins makes a big difference. There are many different types, styles and brands, so let's look at what to think about when choosing your own pair.

Full Foot or Open Heel

Full foot fins fit like shoes. They are great for travelling, warmer water diving, boat diving and snorkelling. They are lighter than open heel and do not require booties.
Open heel fins require booties to be worn and are great for colder water diving and shore diving.

Split or Paddle

Split fins are designed to offer the same or more propulsion as blade fins with less effort. This can help reducing air consumption.
Paddle fins have a single blade design. They tend to have stiff blades that require more leg muscle to get them moving. They are great for divers who need to swim faster or against a current.

Choose your own fins

Over the years, I have tried out numerous types and styles of fins before choosing the right pair and I advise you to do the same. While some divers love split fins, others prefer paddle fins. Once you find the right fins, remember to take good care of them and they will last for years.

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