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sauti za busara

Sauti za Busara – Stone Town’s music festival

Imagine you just finished a dive in some of Zanzibar’s most beautiful coral gardens.
What better way to close your day than to dance the night away?
From the 8th until the 11th of February Stone Town is hosting their annual "Sauti za Busara” music festival.
For 4 days, Stone Town’s Old Fort and Forodhani Gardens become the scene for evenings filled with music and dance.

A total of 46 local and international musicians will be heading to the stages.
Local "DJ Yuzuf" is bringing the party to you with a mix of international and local music.
Don't miss Zanzibar’s "Grace Matata" whose voice and music will be perfect for relaxing.
Apart from some of Zanzibar’s most prominent artists, many other great musicians from all around the continent will be performing on one of the 3 stages.
Make sure to go and check out Kenya's "Maia Lekow” who has the voice of an angel. "El Dey"'s reggae music from Algeria will definitely get you up and dancing in no time.

Sauti za Busara - Music and Dance

Music is not the only reason this festival is a must do if you are in Stone Town. No festival would be complete without the necessary side entertainment. "Sauti za Busara" (which is Swahili for “Sounds of Wisdom” has a whole lot more to offer than just music.
Dancers and acrobats from every corner of the African continent will be showing off their dance moves.
Be amazed by their many talents or even try to imitate their amazing sense for rhythm yourself.
This year there will also be a Carnival Parade hosting drummers and dancers walking through the streets of Zanzibar.
Anybody is more than welcome to join them on this walk filled with dance and music. It will start off at Kisonge Tower.

Every day after 11pm the after party will kick off until the early hours, for anybody who is not just ready to go to bed.
All of this entertainment combined with local food and a couple of cold drinks will for sure create an amazing few days here in the vibrant Zanzibar.

Book your "Dive and Stay" with us and we will make sure you have a great time underwater.
And the "Sauti za Busara" festival, located close to most of the hotels we work with, will cover the rest of your day and evening.
For more information on the festival visit:

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