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scuba diving holiday zanzibar


When holiday time comes, all I know is that I want to scuba dive!


When I start to plan a holiday I also have lots of daily life details to sort: that last work mail to send, the bill I forgot to pay, get the dog to the Doggy House and uh, oh, yes, is my passport ok?!? 😉 Definitely I can’t be bothered with time consuming researches online: contacting the lodge and waiting for the reply while, in the meantime, looking for a professional dive centre to dive with, again mail them, wait to get all the info = NO WAY!

It’s with this in mind that Dive & Stay packages were born: carefully designed to make your holiday booking simple, fun and affordable!

The lodging options are selected on the basis of price range, location but also for the friendship that binds us to the managers: those who choose a Dive & Stay package will always feel at home and will be treated with special attention.

All the information about scuba diving in Zanzibar is found on our new gorgeous web site; we have dedicated a full page to the Dive & Stay where an alluring picture of a white beach and a preview of the Indian Ocean welcomes you and makes you indulge in the dream of the forthcoming holiday in paradise.

Clear and detailed info will guide you in what you have to let us know to get your booking done in just 3 steps:

  1. send an e-mail with all the requested details
  2. within few hours you get your quotation
  3. safe and quick payment a click away with our online payment provider

Now you are ready to pack what you need to take with you to Zanzibar, don't forget:

your dive card,sun protections,light clothes,swimwear, insect repellant,some cash for small purchase in the little shops and ...your smile!



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