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Humpback Whales Zanzibar Migration

Having a WHALE of a time

By oneocean | 03 February 2017

It started as your normal day in the beautiful Zanzibar for me: I was on the boat and ready for another awesome day of diving on the magical Mnemba atoll. I had a group of first time divers that day and they had an awesome time diving. We were ready to return home thinking that…

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scubapro go fins

New fins arrived – GO diving, GO snorkelling!

By oneocean | 18 July 2016

Choosing the right fins plays an important role when scuba diving and snorkelling as they are the part of the equipment that helps with propulsion at the surface and underwater. Proper fit and comfort are vital as well as other considerations like material, blade size and shape or weight, for the divers that travel with…

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Donkey dive - animals in need

Donkey dive – Helping Zanzibar’s animals in need

By oneocean | 18 July 2016

Everywhere you go, you will find one of these small but strong associations trying to make a difference. ZAASO is a community-based registered non-profit organisation that rescues, adopts and provides shelter, foster care, medical treatment and valuable services to animals in need. ZAASO is not only fostering stray dogs and mistreated donkeys, they are keeping…

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