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activities in Zanzibar

Top things to do in Zanzibar

By oneocean | 03 March 2019

“What activities can I do while I’m in Zanzibar?” is a question most of the travelllers ask when coming here. Of course, our first answer is always to come diving and snorkelling or take another PADI dive course, either at Mnemba or around Stone Town. However, if you don’t want to get wet or you…

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10 Tips for Underwater Photography

By oneocean | 04 February 2019

With underwater cameras getting better and cheaper every year, you might want to invest in your own before your next holiday. But underwater photography is harder than it looks – trust me, I learned that the hard way. The first time I took pictures under water, my SD card was filled with fish butts, badly…

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a diver with good trim and air consumption at the reef

Improve your air consumption

By oneocean | 03 January 2019

Ever wondered why your buddy comes up with a 100 bar while you are down to 50 bar even though you tried so hard not to run low on air before him as it happened many times before? “I will need the biggest tank that you have, I’m a heavy breather!” is a sentence that…

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clownfish eggs

Finding Nemo – The true story about clownfish

By oneocean | 05 December 2018

Everybody knows this little cute clownfish from the movie “Finding nemo”. He got caught by divers and was saved  by his dad Marlin and their good friend Dori in the end . Now Nemo is one of the most famous fish which every diver wants to see. But how much do you really know about…

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different sizes of weights

How to calculate the right amount of weights

By oneocean | 03 November 2018

Are you one of the divers coming to dive centres and asking for 10 Kg to 14 Kg because you are a floaty person? Drop that number of weights down drastically, it adds unnecessary workload to your body. In this article we will explain how to determine the right amount of weights for you. Imagine taking…

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