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dive centre cat Peppa

Being a dive centre cat – the purr-fect life

By oneocean | 02 November 2019

Hi! My name is Peppa. I’ve been working for One Ocean Matemwe since 2011. I’m the official dive centre cat so my role at the dive centre includes upper management duties and PR. I’m sharing my daily routine to let you take a peek at the dive centre life from my perspective. The sun is…

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What is the purpose of (your) life?

By oneocean | 15 October 2019

This blog will take a little detour from diving per se and go a little bit deeper spiritually – consider it a 3-minute safety stop for your personal development… I am an extremely fortunate person on many fronts: I was fortunate to have been born in Australia, a country which is full of opportunities, rights…

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Various sized scuba cylinders

Get your own scuba kit, part 3: SCUBA Cylinder

By oneocean | 03 July 2019

Getting to know your scuba cylinder The most basic piece of equipment is unfortunately also the most overlooked – your scuba cylinder. You could go diving without fins, as many disabled divers do, or even go without a BCD as some harness configurations allow, but there is simply no SCUBA dive without a dive cylinder.…

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a heart made of flowers on the beach during honeymoon

Honeymoon guide to Zanzibar

By oneocean | 03 May 2019

Zanzibar is a popular destination for honeymooners, and it’s not very surprising. The island’s tranquil beaches, little developed villages and beautiful sunsets make for an ideal romantic getaway. If you recently got hitched and you are planning your perfect honeymoon, those 6 activities should go on your list: Candlelight dinner on the beach Known as…

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breathing out bubbles

Why are we breathing?

By oneocean | 03 April 2019

In January, we gave you advice on what affects your air consumption and what you can do to lower it. Today we will go into detail on how breathing works and what you shouldn’t do to improve your air consumption. Why do we breathe in the first place? Let us explore why we breathe at…

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