Meet The Team


Open Water SCUBA Instructor

 # 353946
Team Member since 2016

Nationality: Italian

Languages: Italian, English, French & a bit of Spanish

Favourite dive site in Zanzibar: Kichwani

Favourite dive site in the world: Warren Thila, Maldives

Most memorable diving moment: While diving in Zanzibar, a very brave Mantis Shrimp walked on her pointer all the way to her hand, looked at her, got way too scared and literally ran away. Best moment ever!

Fun Fact: She had to look for more than 2 years to find fins her size (of the brightest pink ever) because her feet are way too small

Meet the Team


Marketing Manager


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Our entire crew is well trained, licensed and experienced with the surrounding ocean and reefs.

All scuba dive staff are are members of the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI).