Team Member


PADI OWSI # 367955
Team Member since 2017

Nationality: Canadian

Languages: French, English

Favourite dive site in Zanzibar: Sand Banks

Favourite dive site in the world: Candi Dasa, Bali. The occasional washing machine currents, sharks and the chance to dive with the weirdest fish in the ocean, the almighty Mola-Mola or sunfish.

Most memorable diving moment: Diving the Sardine Run on the Wild Coast in South Africa. It mostly involves sitting on a rubber duck for 10 hours a day in the wind and the waves, but you are rewarded with thousands of dolphins, humpback whales and lots of sharks.

Fun Fact: Speaks English with a weird accent. Speaks French with a weird accent. Doesn’t really have a first language… Mostly communicates with signals.

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Our entire crew is well trained, licensed and experienced with the surrounding ocean and reefs.

All scuba dive staff are are members of the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI).