The Mercedes Benz of the fish world… sort of

By oneocean | 03 August 2017

We have all heard of science taking inspiration from nature. Vehicle designers get inspired by animals to make cars lighter and more efficient. You’re probably thinking of fast and sleek things like swordfish or peregrine falcons. But what about the humble yellow box fish? Cars designed after box fish? In 2006 Mercedes Benz revealed its…

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Girl’s talk – Diving while it’s “that time of the month”

By oneocean | 03 July 2017

Today we want to address a subject that some people might not expect on a dive centre blog. We will talk about the safety of diving during the period and the benefits of menstrual cups. Sorry boys, we don’t mean to make you uncomfortable but unless you want to give some good advice to your…

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Emperor Angel Fish

By oneocean | 03 June 2017

The Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus Imperator) is also known in some parts of the world as the Imperator or Imperial Angelfish and it certainly lives up to its name. With its stunning colors and unconventional personality it surely is one of the most appealing fish in the sea. This impressive fish does not only charm everyone it meets…

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By oneocean | 03 May 2017

When holiday time comes, all I know is that I want to scuba dive!   When I start to plan a holiday I also have lots of daily life details to sort: that last work mail to send, the bill I forgot to pay, get the dog to the Doggy House and uh, oh, yes,…

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Snorkelling Days for Tamani Foundation Pupils

By oneocean | 03 April 2017

Some of us live in Matemwe, a very small place, a nice village, relatively few people, you would think you know what is going on at all times: who lives here, what are people doing, how long they’ve been living here… But it turns out, we really don’t know much about it but when you…

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