Can I dive with a medical condition?

By oneocean | 03 December 2017

As a dive centre, of course we would love to teach diving to every single person on this planet. Unfortunately, we can’t. Diving is fun and safe if you follow the rules and if your body is working properly. When underwater, we are under more pressure than usual. With a medical condition or medication, our…

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Coral Bleaching

By oneocean | 03 November 2017

At a time when the human race strives justifiably to recognize diversity and equality amongst ourselves, we can learn some lessons about coexistence from looking at the most diverse of marine ecosystems – coral reefs. Like our own civil rights and liberties, coral reefs also need to be respected, maintained and protected from the effects…

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Rashid – our new Divemaster in Stone Town

By oneocean | 03 October 2017

My name is Rashid Kiukara, I come from Zanzibar. I love diving. I became a PADI Divemaster this year. From Labourer to snorkel guide I began working for One Ocean as a fundi (labourer) on the boats. Each year the boats come out of the water for a service and I helped to sand, varnish…

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From sharks, boats, Olympic swimmers and airplanes

By oneocean | 03 September 2017

What do shark skin, boats, Olympic swimmers and airplanes have in common? If you scratched your head for a minute and your answer is still “nothing at all!”, do not worry, you are not alone. But it is not a secret that engineers are always looking at mother nature for inspiration. The first fish started…

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The Mercedes Benz of the fish world… sort of

By oneocean | 03 August 2017

We have all heard of science taking inspiration from nature. Vehicle designers get inspired by animals to make cars lighter and more efficient. You’re probably thinking of fast and sleek things like swordfish or peregrine falcons. But what about the humble yellow box fish? Cars designed after box fish? In 2006 Mercedes Benz revealed its…

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